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Krusze 34

05-240 Tłuszcz

woj. mazowieckie

Język angielski - 2014/2015

Zadanie 1 wrzesień 2014

1. Read the article. Then write TRUE or FALSE.
(Przeczytaj artykuł. Potem napisz TRUE [prawda] lub FALSE [fałsz])

Search for robber continues

On 21st of April there was a robbery commited in the Royal Bank. The robber, a man, says his name is Jeremy Trotter, but now he has been identified by the police as Mark Bridger. The robber has stolen over 200 000$!

Mark Bridger is a medium-sized man. He has got brown hair and blue eyes. He's probably wearing a green jacket, black jeans and dark sunglasses. He is known to be very dangerous.

If anyone has seen the robber, please contact the police.

Article by A. Reporter



a) The robbery was commited in the National Bank.

b) The robber is called Mark Bridger.

c) The robber has stolen over 200 000 000$.

d) Mark Bridger is tall.

e) The robber has brown hair and blue eyes.

f) The robber is wearing a green jacket, black jeans and dark sunglasses.

Zadanie 8 - maj (ostatnie)

Przeczytaj wywiad i odpowiedz na pytania pełnymi zdaniami.



Interviewer: Frank, you are a famous traveller. How did it all start?


Frank: When I was a child, I didn’t travel a lot. Travelling wasn’t very popular. But when I was twelve years old, my aunt invited me to India. It was great! I loved India. I visited many interesting places. Then, when I was older, I travelled to many places and... well, it is my job.


I:         Why did you decide to travel on foot?


F:        Well, there was a crash... My plane to Australia crashed. It was terrible! People jumped into the ocean. A big ship saved us. I didn’t want to travel by plane again. Going on foot is not dangerous. I walked on foot across Spain and Portugal and a lot of people liked it.


I:         You are very popular...


F:        Oh, yes, I am. This is good because a lot of people give me money and now I can travel where I want.


I:         What are your plans?


F:        I want to go to India again – and travel on foot of course. Also I want to write a book about my travels.




0          Who is Frank?

            Frank is a famous traveller.

1          Did Frank travel a lot when he was a child?


2          Where did he travel when he was twelve years old?


3          Why did he start to travel on foot?


4          Why is it good to be popular?


5          What does Frank want to write?


Zadanie 7 - kwiecień

Zadanie 6 - marzec

Przeczytaj tekst i przy pytaniach zaznacz "prawda" () lub "fałsz" ()?


John Lennon was born on 9th October 1940 in Liverpool, England. When he was four years old, he went to live with his Aunt Mimi. John did not see a lot of his father when he was small. His mother died when he was eighteen. John liked art and he went to art school. John became friends with Paul McCartney and George Harrison at school and they started the Beatles. They wrote a lot of songs and they were very famous. John’s first wife was Cynthia Powell and they had a son, Julian. His second wife was Yoko Ono and they had a son, Sean. John Lennon died in 1980. He was only 40.




0    His name’s John.                                                                          

1    He was born in 1940.                                                                    ____

2    Cynthia was his aunt.                                                                    ____

3    He saw a lot of his father when he was small.                                 ____

4    He liked art.                                                                                 ____

5    He started the Beatles with Paul McCartney and Julian Harrison.        ____

6    He had a son, John.                                                                      ____

7    He died when he was 40.                                                              ____

Zadanie 5 - luty

Przeczytaj tekst i zaznacz prawidłowe odpowiedzi w zdaniach.


Poppy lives in Scotland, in the UK. She loves Christmas and New Year’s Eve.‘Christmas is on 25th December and New Year’s Eve is on 31st December. We eat turkey and potatoes at Christmas and I get a lot of presents! New Year’s Eve is very special in Scotland and everyone has a party. Lots of people come to our house and we eat haggis – this is special Scottish food and I really like it! Then we dance and sing and have a lot of fun! We all go to bed very late on New Year’s Eve. So on New Year’s Day (January 1st) we all feel tired and I usually get up late - at 11 o’clock in the morning!’



Powodzenia :)

Zadanie 4 - styczeń

Przeczytaj oba teksty. Przy stwierdzeniach odnoszących się do Soho, wstaw S, przy stwierdzeniach odnoszących się do Clerkenwell wstaw C. Jeśli stwierdzenie odnosi się do obu tekstów, wstaw B, a jeśli do żadnego – N.


0    In this place you can meet a lot of Chinese people.                         ___S_

1    There is a very important festival in summer.                                 _____

2    You can see paper animals at the festival.                                      _____

3    People must dance at this festival.                                                 _____

4    The festival is very colourful.                                                         _____

5    People eat good food at the festival.                                              _____


Zadanie 3 - grudzień

Przeczytaj tekst. Zakreśl właściwą odpowiedź – A, B lub C.


Dear Nick,

Hi! I live in Greenwich. Here is a picture of Greenwich.

Greenwich is in London. There is a big park in Greenwich. I love it! On Saturdays I go to the park with my brothers. We play football at half past ten. At half past eleven we go to the market. There is a good market in Greenwich. At twelve o’clock I usually buy a hot dog. Then we often watch the juggler. He starts at one o’clock. My best friend’s name is Joe. In the morning he plays basketball, but he often meets me at quarter past two at the market. He comes with his dog and we play together. We go home at five o’clock and watch TV. Our favourite programme is at twenty past five. It’s called Doctor Who. Sometimes we play computer games.

What do you do on Saturdays?

Write soon,




0    Bob is from London.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

1    Bob goes to the park at the weekend.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

2    Bob’s brothers buy hot dogs at the market.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

3    Bob and Joe watch the juggler at one o’clock.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

4    Bob and Joe watch TV in the afternoon.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

5    Doctor Who starts at five o’clock.

      A) Right    B) Wrong        C) Doesn’t say

Zadanie 2 - listopad

Zadanie 1 - październik
Przeczytaj tekst. Zakreśl właściwą odpowiedź – A, B lub C.

1    Paris is a small city.

      A) Right          B) Wrong          C) Doesn’t say

2    There are mountains in Paris.

      A) Right          B) Wrong           C) Doesn’t say

3    The Seine is a river.

      A) Right          B) Wrong           C) Doesn’t say

4    The bridges on the river are not nice.

      A) Right          B) Wrong           C) Doesn’t say

5    There is a beach in Paris.

      A) Right          B) Wrong           C) Doesn’t say

6    The Louvre is a famous shop.

      A) Right          B) Wrong           C) Doesn’t say







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